Feministing: Bodysnarking is bitchiness

Feministing: Bodysnarking is bitchiness

This rule applies even if you’re a fully grown man, and even if you’re doing that bodysnarking in the paper of record. This week, New York Times dance critic Alastair Macaulay wrote a review of the New York City Ballet’s production of the Christmas classic The Nutcracker. In that review, Macaulay made some uncalled-for comments about the weight of two City Ballet dancers. I blogged about it at Feministing:

Angle and Ringer are highly trained, spectacularly talented dancers. They are professionals trying to do a job. Certainly that job involves public performance and public critique, and there are certain expectations of appearance as well as of ability. Ballet, like figure skating, like other forms of athleticism in which appearance is also a factor, requires a certain body shape. A ballet dancer with exquisite technique but unattractive lines can do all the steps, but won’t be very enjoyable to watch. And ballet is meant to be watched. That said, Macaulay didn’t seem to think that Ringer’s or Angle’s girth was interfering with their dancing. He just called them fat, without stating if that made their performance less compelling. In other words, this was a case of pure bitchiness.

You can read the rest here.


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