The American Prospect: an interview with Tammy Duckworth

The American Prospect: an interview with Tammy Duckworth

I have a post up at The American Prospect today, an interview with Tammy Duckworth. Duckworth is a double-amputee Iraq War vet and a former Assistant Secretary for Veteran’s Affairs who is now running for Congress in Illinois. I spoke to her about the high rates of sexual assault in the US Military, and about Rick Santorum’s recent comments about women in combat.

CA: Rick Santorum made some controversial comments recently about women in the military. He said that women should be restricted from certain front-line combat positions because men will feel the biological urge to protect them, thereby threatening unit cohesion and endangering the mission. What’s your response?

TD: He’s wrong. He’s absolutely, 100 percent wrong. I think he’s playing to the basest, most inflammatory argument because he’s playing a political game. He’s trying to appeal to prejudice and basing it on false statements. If anything, women have shown in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that they are not only fully capable; they have excelled. They have saved many men’s lives. And it did not damage unit cohesion. And if Rick Santorum doesn’t believe that, then he can volunteer, enlist, put on a uniform, and put his butt on the line and try it himself.

You can read the whole thing here.


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