New tumblr: Men Who Trust Women

New tumblr: Men Who Trust Women

I’ve started a new tumblr called Men Who Trust Women.

The current national conversation about birth control, abortion, sexual assault and other issues of bodily autonomy is dominated by men, and more specifically, by men who don’t appear to believe that women should have control over their own bodies. There aren’t enough women’s voices in this conversation, and that needs to change. But there also aren’t a lot of pro-choice men speaking out. We aren’t hearing from enough men who trust women. That needs to change, too.

Luckily, there are a lot of pro-choice men in America. These men believe that women are capable of making their own choices about what happens to their own bodies. These men believe that no man, whether he’s a politician, a priest, or a partner, knows what’s best for a woman better than she does. These men are appalled at the way that the national conversation about women’s healthcare has been dominated by anti-choice men.

Men who trust women are a group that is ever-growing, but largely invisible. It’s time to end that invisibility. This tumblr is a place where they can be seen and heard.

Men Who Trust Women is not about men speaking for women. It’s not about “saving” women. It’s not about one set of men defending women from another set of men.

It’s about recognizing that women are human beings, and that the right to control your own body is a human right. It’s about speaking up about attempts to deny women that right, so that your silence is not mistaken for tacit assent. It’s about being an ally.


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