The Age: Sure, he’s handsome, but Ryan’s sexism is so unsexy

The Age: Sure, he’s handsome, but Ryan’s sexism is so unsexy

I have a piece in The Age today, about Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee for Vice President. He’s a goodlooking man, but his policies are bad news for women:

“So, are you going to vote for the Republicans now?” a gentleman friend asked me last week. ”Paul Ryan’s good-looking enough to woo a woman away from Barack, don’t you think?”

Ryan, the 42-year-old congressman from Wisconsin whom Mitt Romney has chosen as his running mate, is good-looking – by politics standards, at least. In fact, if you’re an American voter who likes Mr Shuester, a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee, played by Matthew Morrison, but wishes he spent a little less time singing and a little more time talking about balancing the federal budget, Ryan is the man for you. But it would make no difference to me if he looked like Ryan Gosling: no amount of handsome could impel me to vote for him.

Presumably, the Republicans are hoping that more than a few undecided straight women voters will be charmed by his youthful good looks and his much-discussed low body fat percentage. Presumably the Republicans are hoping those same voters will be distracted by his striking blue eyes and won’t notice his strikingly regressive anti-women policies.

You can read the rest here.


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