Daily Life: How to destroy the joint

Daily Life: How to destroy the joint

I have a piece at Daily Life today, about the group that’s been voted as one of the most influential women’s voices in Australia in 2012, Destroy the Joint. The group sprung up in response to comments made about the Prime Minister by radio host Alan Jones.

It wasn’t easy to explain “Destroy the joint” to American friends and colleagues. “Wait, what is the joint?” one of them asked me.

To Australian women, though, it made complete sense. The outrage that erupted in response to Alan Jones’s comments about women in leadership was visceral, a gut feeling for a populace who had finally had a gutful. Within hours, the witty and wonderful Jane Caro had coined a Twitter hashtag that had gone viral, and not long after that Jenna Price started the Destroy the Joint Facebook community page.

A few months later and the community has more than 20,000 members, all of whom are “sick of the sexism dished out to women in Australia, whether they be our Prime Minister or any other woman”. It’s a remarkably active Facebook community, with new content – new examples of sexism in the media, new ideas about how to “re-build the joint” in a more equitable way – being posted all day, every day.

You can read the whole thing here.


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