Photo credit: Clayton Raithel

I am a journalist and scholar of popular culture from Sydney, Australia. I’m based in New York City. I’m a Senior Front Page Editor at The Huffington Post.

Before that, I was a Senior Columnist at Feministing, the world’s most-read feminist publication, where I blogged about gender, sex, politics, pop culture, and body image.

My writing about politics and popular culture has been published in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Guardian, New York magazine, Reuters, the Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, and many other outlets in the US, Australia, the UK, and France. I make regular appearances on radio and television in the US and Australia.

I have a PhD in Arts and Media from the University of New South Wales. My academic work focused on Hollywood romantic comedies; my doctoral thesis was about how the genre depicts gender, sex, and power.

Born and raised in Sydney, I moved to the US in 2005 and to New York City in 2009. In my spare time, I read, take dance classes, listen to truly terrible pop music, and preach the gospel of Tim Tams.

You can contact me at chloe dot angyal at gmail dot com.