My writing has been published in numerous online and print outlets, including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, New York magazine, The Atlantic, Reuters, BuzzFeed, Slate, Salon, Jezebel, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, The Nation, The Hairpin, The American Prospect, Refinery29, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Guardian, GOOD, The Sydney Morning Herald, Womankind, and The Age. I write about a range of issues, with a particular focus on body image,  depictions of women and gender in the media, sexual violence, and reproductive justice. Below is a list of links to some of my writing.

The New Republic: I don’t want to be an excuse for racist violence any more, 22 June 2015

The Boston Globe: Andy Murray’s ’77’ ignores women’s sports, 22 January 2015

BuzzFeed: The paradoxical rise of the viral marriage proposal, 6 January 2015

The Washington Post: How our current political climate killed the political rom com, 2 December 2014

Reuters: When Harry Met Sally… got it wrong 25 years ago, 25 July 2014

Reuters: You’d love to meet me on Tinder. Here’s why you won’t, 9 July 2014

CNN: Stop sexual assault on college campuses, 4 May 2014

New York magazine: Sugar daddy lite: trading dinner for dates? 29 October 2013

MSNBC: The GOP’s anti-abortion tactic: Order teachers and doctors to lie, 7 August 2013

The Sydney Morning Herald: Mobama’s arms create surgery spike, Mary 7 2013

The Nation: After Boston, one foot in front of the other, April 16 2013

New York magazine: More women are taking their husbands’ last names – kind of, February 11 2013

New York magazine: When the ring gets its own engagement photo, January 17 2013

Jezebel: What can a civilian possibly say to a wounded soldier?, October 21st 2012

The Sydney Morning Herald: Republicans tune in to coded racism, October 18th 2012

The Atlantic: In praise of the lost, intimate art of reading aloud, October 10th 2012

The Guardian: Sex, the missing term from the contraception and abortion debate, October 2nd 2012

Daily Life: Confessions of the ‘ugly friend’, September 21st 2012

The Guardian: Why women’s votes matter more than ever, September 19th 2012

The LA Times: Breaking Pointe and the price of perfection, June 22nd 2012

The Sydney Morning Herald: Thank feminism for an ever-improving line of fathers, June 9th 2012

The Age: Abortion politics for export, May 18th 2012

The American Prospect: Congressional Battle Ready, February 23rd 2012

Jezebel: I Spent a Year Watching Rom-Coms and This is the Crap I Learned, February 14 2012

The Atlantic: For Romantic Comedies, the Holidays Are an Excuse for Unlikely Pairings, December 25th 2011

The Atlantic: Why New Year’s Eve Is a Letdown, December 9th 2011

Jezebel: Sexual Abuse in the Land of America’s Sweethearts, October 13th 2011

GOOD: Dealbreaker: He’s Anti-Abortion Rights, September 1st 2011

The Atlantic: What I Learned from a Summer of Romantic Comedies, August 24th 2011

The Christian Science Monitor: SlutWalk Protests: a Dress is Not a Yes, June 13th 2011

Slate: Who Cares About the “First Bloke”? August 19th 2010

Foreign Policy: Check Matey, August 18 2010

The Christian Science Monitor: What Would You Do if You Saw a Woman Being Abused? Would it Matter if She Were a Prostitute? June 15 2010

The Guardian: You’re Not a Feminist, But… What? April 7 2010